Difference Between Normal and Tatkal Passport

When it comes to obtaining a passport, there are various options available, each designed to cater to different needs and circumstances. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the “Difference Between Normal and Tatkal Passport.” Whether you’re a first-time applicant or looking to renew your passport, understanding the contrasts between these two types is crucial. Read on to navigate the passport application process with ease.

Understanding Passport Types

Before we dive into the differences, let’s briefly explore the two main types of passports available in many countries.

Normal Passport

A Normal Passport, also known as a Regular Passport, is the standard type issued to citizens for international travel. It is meant for individuals who are applying for a passport for the first time or renewing their existing one. The application process for a Normal Passport typically follows the standard procedures set by the government.

Tatkal Passport

On the other hand, a Tatkal Passport is designed for individuals who require expedited passport services. The term “Tatkal” translates to “immediately” in Hindi, and true to its name, this type of passport is processed much faster than a Normal Passport. It is ideal for those who have urgent travel plans or unforeseen circumstances that necessitate a quick passport issuance.

Key Differences

Application Process

Normal Passport: The application process for a Normal Passport is straightforward and follows the standard procedure set by the government. Applicants need to provide the necessary documents, including proof of identity, address, and date of birth, along with a passport-sized photograph.

Tatkal Passport: Applying for a Tatkal Passport involves a more expedited process. Applicants must submit additional documents, such as proof of urgency, a sworn affidavit explaining the need for immediate issuance, and a higher fee.


Normal Passport: The fees for a Normal Passport are typically lower compared to a Tatkal Passport. Governments usually offer standard pricing for this type of passport.

Tatkal Passport: A Tatkal Passport is more expensive due to the expedited processing. Applicants can expect to pay a higher fee to receive their passport quickly.

Processing Time

Normal Passport: The processing time for a Normal Passport can vary depending on the country and the volume of applications. It usually takes several weeks to a few months to receive a Normal Passport.

Tatkal Passport: The primary advantage of a Tatkal Passport is its swift processing. In most cases, applicants can expect to receive their Tatkal Passport within a week or, in some cases, even on the same day of application.

Appointment Availability

Normal Passport: When applying for a Normal Passport, applicants may need to book an appointment at a passport office. Availability may vary based on location and demand.

Tatkal Passport: For Tatkal Passport applicants, there is often a separate and expedited appointment system in place, ensuring quicker access to the passport application process.


Normal Passport: Normal Passports are available to all eligible citizens, including first-time applicants and those seeking passport renewal.

Tatkal Passport: Tatkal Passport issuance is subject to specific eligibility criteria, primarily related to urgency. Applicants must provide a valid reason for requiring immediate passport issuance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I apply for a Normal Passport?

To apply for a Normal Passport, visit your nearest passport office or apply online through the official government portal. Fill out the application form, provide the required documents, and attend any necessary appointments.

What documents are required for a Tatkal Passport?

To apply for a Tatkal Passport, you will need additional documents, including a proof of urgency, a sworn affidavit, and a higher fee. Check with your local passport office for the specific requirements in your region.

Can I upgrade from a Normal Passport to a Tatkal Passport?

Yes, in some cases, you can upgrade from a Normal Passport to a Tatkal Passport if you have a valid reason for urgency. Contact your passport office for guidance on the process.

Is a Tatkal Passport more secure than a Normal Passport?

Both Normal and Tatkal Passports are issued with security features to prevent fraud. The primary difference is in the processing time, not the level of security.

What is the validity period of a Normal Passport?

The validity period of a Normal Passport varies from country to country but is usually ten years for adults. Check with your local passport office for specific details.

Are Tatkal Passport fees refundable if my application is rejected?

No, Tatkal Passport fees are non-refundable, even if your application is rejected. Ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria before applying.


In conclusion, understanding the “Difference Between Normal and Tatkal Passport” is essential when planning your international travels. Your choice between these two types of passports should align with your specific needs and urgency. Whether you opt for the standard procedure of a Normal Passport or the expedited process of a Tatkal Passport, ensure that you have all the necessary documents and meet the eligibility criteria. Safe travels!

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