Documents Required for Tatkaal Passport

Embarking on an international journey often necessitates swift passport acquisition. The Tatkal passport service offers a timely solution for individuals needing expedited passport issuance. However, understanding the requisite documents is pivotal to streamline the application process seamlessly.

Understanding Tatkal Passport:

What is a Tatkal Passport?

A Tatkal passport is a fast-track passport issuance service provided by the Government of India for urgent travel needs. It ensures a quicker passport issuance process compared to the regular procedure.

Benefits of Tatkal Passport:

The Tatkal passport service offers several advantages, including expedited processing, convenient application submission, and priority appointment scheduling.

Eligibility Criteria for Tatkal Passport:

To avail the Tatkal passport service, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, such as urgent travel requirements due to emergencies, business obligations, or unforeseen circumstances.

Tatkal Passport Application Process:

Initiating the Application:

Applicants can initiate the Tatkal passport application process online through the official portal of the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Passport Seva website.

Document Checklist:

The key to a successful Tatkal passport application lies in meticulous documentation. Essential documents include proof of identity, proof of address, proof of date of birth, and any additional documents mandated by the authorities.

Photograph Requirements:

Strict adherence to photograph specifications is imperative for Tatkal passport applications. The photographs must meet prescribed guidelines regarding size, background color, and clarity.

Appointment Booking and Verification:

Scheduling an Appointment:

Upon submission of the Tatkal passport application, applicants are required to schedule an appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Passport Office.

Biometric Verification:

During the appointment, applicants undergo biometric verification, including fingerprint scanning and iris recognition, to authenticate their identity.

Document Verification:

Officials scrutinize the submitted documents meticulously to ensure compliance with the prescribed guidelines. Any discrepancies may lead to application rejection or delay.

Processing and Dispatch:

Expedited Processing:

Tatkal passport applications undergo expedited processing to meet the urgent travel needs of applicants. The streamlined process ensures quicker passport issuance compared to the regular procedure.

Dispatch and Delivery:

Upon successful verification, the Tatkal passport is dispatched for printing and subsequently delivered to the applicant’s registered address through a reliable courier service.

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